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FI Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital to let FI know how we are doing and how we can improve the service we offer our clients.

Please email any feedback negative or positive to Many thanks.

Past Feedback (2012)

Please note whilst we welcome all feedback we cannot guarantee that the correspondence will be published on this page.

"Michael (renewals) was swift, very prompt and he understood my requirements very efficiently. I have to deal with other insurance service providers for car and home etc but FI where surprisingly on the ball. SD"

"FI staff were very courteous, very professional, very clear and extremely helpful. DAS"

"[Good] detail. Just wish that the communication regarding my claim could of been done more with email than through the post...CS"

"The 24 hour 365 helpline was extremely useful as I was abroad ...PS"

"Thank you for sorting out my claim. It was a stressful time and I always doubt that insurance companies actually pay out.BS"

"Very good explanation of the overall policy, thank you for pointing out that I have legal cover! LOH"

"There were a few things that I didn't understand. I wanted to make sure about what my insurance cover was going to be right for the type of work I did. The person (Anna?) on the phone was very attentive. She actually asked for help from her manager to explain a clause, thanks FI. BP"

"The information given to me was clear and concise. E"

"I found FI to be marginally better than our last insurer where I knew I was a number and not a name. I did like the way the claim was handled in my favour in the end though... AP"

"The only grip that was an issue was that you don't sell the fact that you offer legal cover as well. CF"

"I spoke with someone who was brilliant, I don't remember exactly who she was...."

"Good professional and efficient ....SP"

"The staff was very goddaughters"

"The guy that was on the phone was very, very good I was surprised that the call centre was in Manchester not abroad. H"

"Friendly and approachable thanks being a freelancer is hard enough these days .... KL"

"Polite and efficient. RA"

"A helpful claim adviser (miracle?) ...JB"

"Making a claim was less time consuming than I thought....AR"

"Very quick and very helpful. They couldn't do enough for me.....IS"

"Quick and efficient"

"Very organized. PWD"

"Can I make a claim online please.... D"

"Apologies for being rude, I was very stressed. It would be helpful is your office stayed open after 5.31pm! WA"

"Professional... to the point... why don't you offer other products. SC"

"Great service. MA"

"The most competitive quote and good coverage. LSP"

"Very professional manner and she also secured the discount on the premium. NW"

"Helpful, knowledgeable and [competent] UK based staff. Would it be possible to have a live chat function as I am working on someone else's time... SD"

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