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Computer Consultants Settlement Examples

Computer Consultant Claims and Settlements

Please note that this list includes claims that were not associated with FI or our partners and has been created for information purposes only

Examples of real claims made and settled against Computer Consultants by insurers. Details have been removed to ensure anonymity.

London 2012
Claim: Allegation that there were substantial deficiencies in the design of a software package resulting in the system failing to meet the client’s requirements.
Settlement: £820,000

Oxford 2012
Claim: The Insured designed computer equipment which the client alleges does not meet the specification. The client is claiming for the financial damage incurred.
Settlement: £275,000

London 2011
Claim: Allegation that substantial deficiencies in a computer software system did not allow it to be successfully implemented.
Settlement: £250,000

Manchester 2011
Claim: An employee defrauded the company by embezzling money from various corporate accounts.
Settlement: £200,000

Leeds 2011
Claim: A gambling game designed by the Insured produced too many winners.
Settlement: £160,000

London 2011
Claim: A time recording and management accounting system produced by the Insured failed. It is alleged that the client incurred financial losses as a result.
Settlement: £90,000

Southend-on-Sea 2011
Claim: A data processing error involved addresses of clients’ customers not being added to a master file and that the Insured had lost these addresses.
Settlement: £80,000

Reading 2011
Claim: Wage payments delayed due to the Insured’s alleged failure to input data in the client’s payroll system. Some employees went overdrawn and the claim is for their bank charges.
Settlement: £50,000

Swansea 2011
Claim: A management accounting system recommended by the Insured was alleged to be inadequate.
Settlement: £40,000

Manchester 2011
Claim: The Insured designed a program for clients to keep track of their employees’ whereabouts and to record their pay and hours of work. The clients claim that the program does not meet their requirements.
Settlement: £35,000

Edinburgh 2012
Claim: The Insured neglected to provide copies of programs, their work did not meet the required standard and time limits were exceeded.
Settlement: £25,000

Aberdeen 2012
Claim: The Insured designed a system for a client who subsequently alleged that the response time was too slow for his requirements.
Settlement: £25,000

Edinburgh 2011
Claim: Allegation that due to errors in a computer system designed by the Insured the client’s products have been under-priced. A claim has been made for losses suffered over a period of years.
Settlement: £25,000

Dundee 2011
Claim: A share register was maintained by the Insured and a sale was registered against the wrong holder.
Settlement: £16,000

Stevenage 2011
Claim: Damages have been claimed for breach of contract arising out of the design and supply of a defective computer software package by the Insured.
Settlement: £15,000

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