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Travel Agent - Settlement Example Claims

Examples of claims made and settled against travel industry workers by insurers. Details have been removed to ensure anonymity. Case listing does not imply that these claims were handled exclusively by FreelanceInsure nor does it imply or lend to any accuracy.

The information below is for informational purposed only and does not constitute an offer or amount settled in any future claim with FI or any of its agents or associates.

Examples of real claims made and settled against Travel Agents and Tour Operators by insurers. Details have been removed to ensure anonymity.

Manchester 2012
Claim: Ski resort was not ready and the alternative found for clients was not suitable for skiing.
Settlement: circa £58,000

Hull 2012
Claim: Manager neglected to inform employees of time constraints when booking flights during the Christmas holiday period.
Settlement: circa £27,500

London 2011
Claim: Allegation that the Insured failed to adhere to an agreed time period for advance booking their clients’ airline travel tickets. Clients have incurred increased costs in obtaining the tickets.
Settlement: circa £15,500

Birmingham 2012
Claim: As a result of an airline’s marketing exercise, the Insured’s client was eligible for free first class air tickets. The Insured failed to book these tickets in advance, a requirement of the airline and as a result the Insured had to purchase flight tickets at his own expense.
Settlement: circa £10,750

Manchester 2011
Claim: In an attempt to procure lucrative business the Insured made certain remarks about a rival firm in e-mail correspondence. The rival firm alleged slander and demanded damages.
Settlement: circa £10,300

Aberdeen 2012
Claim: A client had to cancel a holiday for medical reasons and discovered that the Insured had not made the insurance arrangements, although they had received the premium.
Settlement: circa £8,500

Liverpool 2012
Claim: The Insured did not advise a client of visa requirements in his destination country and he was deported.
Settlement: circa £4,500

Manchester 2011
Claim: A coach driver could not find two hotels and ended up in the wrong resort. Compensation was paid to the passengers.
Settlement: circa £9,500

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