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Examples of claims made and settled against Consulting Engineers by insurers. Details have been removed to ensure anonymity. Case listing does not imply that these claims were handled exclusively by FreelanceInsure nor does it imply or lend to any accuracy.

The information below is for informational purposed only and does not constitute an offer or amount settled in any future claim with FI or any of its agents or associates.

Civil and Structural Engineers

London 2011
Claim: Allegation that parts of an office block were of faulty design.
Settlement circa: £13,000,000

York 2012
Claim: Allegation that the design of a water scheme was negligent.
Settlement circa: £3,250,000

Salford 2011
Claim: A claim was brought alleging negligence in a redevelopment project.
Settlement circa: £750,000

Birmingham 2012
Claim: The roof of a car park designed by the Insured started to leak and the client alleged negligence.
Settlement circa: £425,000

Heating, Ventilating and Electrical Engineers

London 2012
Claim: Allegation that the Insured negligently designed waste heating boilers.
Settlement circa: £5,000,000

Edinburgh 2012
Claim: Allegation of negligence in the design of a heating and ventilating system.
Settlement circa: £1,750,000

Manchester 2012
Claim: The Insured designed and supervised the installation of factory lighting. It is alleged that incorrect fittings had been used by a sub-contractor. A claim has been brought for the cost of additional lighting.
Settlement circa: £500,000

London 2011
Claim: The Insured designed and supervised the installation of the mechanical and electrical services in an office block. Operational difficulties have become apparent with the air-conditioning, allegedly due to a design fault.
Settlement circa: £250,000

Cambridge 2012
Claim: The Insured designed the electrical services for a factory unit. The client alleged that the lighting was inadequate and did not comply with relevant regulations.
Settlement circa: £225,000

Mechanical Engineers

Leeds 2012
Claim: Allegation that the design of a furnace by the Insured was negligent.
Settlement circa: £250,000

London 2012
Claim: The design of a machine proved inadequate to cope with the weight of items being produced.
Settlement circa: £12,000

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