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Professional indemnity cover to safeguard your business needs

Most sensible individuals find it prudent to insure their precious assets. And when it comes to evaluating the worth of each asset he possesses, one cannot deny that his profession is the most valuable of all. Like all other assets, it makes sense to buy indemnity cover for your profession too.

Professional indemnity insurance is a kind of insurance that ensures protection of your business or profession from possible financial losses arising out of claims made by dissatisfied clients. When a client expects a certain degree of professional service and is not satisfied with what he is provided with, he at his discretion may file suit and claim compensation for losses he has suffered. The fact remains that a professional cannot be charged when he cannot be held directly responsible the financial losses suffered by his client. But it is always advisable to safeguard his profession as pronunciation of judgment against him might cost him hefty financial losses. A professional may be held responsible on occurrence of following incidents.

  • Negligence: or breach of duty and care
  • Unintentional infringement of copyrights, trademarks of clients
  • Loss, damage or embezzlement of important data and documents
  • or dishonesty related to theft of client's money or forgery

In such a context professional indemnity insurance protects the professional against financial losses in case he is burdened with hefty financial losses. At the same time, all the legal costs borne in the process of dispute are also covered by your insurance provider.

Professional liability insurance indemnifies doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and other reputed professions. The need for professional liability insurance is felt most for lawyers, accountants or those whose profession is more about maintaining finances and accounts. Instances are not rare when corporate giants often land up into disputes with their clients. So even the slightest negligence may altogether jeopardize your financial wellness and business reputation. It is thereby advised to pay now for protecting your business than to pay it later with hefty interest.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
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