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Pii Cover for Social Workers

Whether or not you work in the statutory sector, and whether or not you are covered by local authority vicarious liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance is an essential cover for all social workers, care managers, professional care staff, mental health professionals, approved social workers, and anyone working in the care agency.

We are living in a time when our decisions that impact on other people’s lives are being increasingly challenged in the courts – the infamous ‘sue’ culture that has been rapidly evolving around us. Unlike our colleagues in the medical profession, care managers and social workers can be, and indeed are, in law, liable to be prosecuted in their own right, as a named individual, personally accountable. The conflicts of interest that local authorities may deem necessary for the decisions can leave workers ‘out in the cold’, and unprotected.

With constantly reducing resources, rapid change in policy and procedures, and increasing pressure on care professionals to make decisions, has led to number of cases in which individuals have been found to personally liable. They are then faced with the prospect of losing their jobs and their careers, facing the courts, and being sued, with little or no recourse to support. The examples are well known and are already in the public domain.

FreelanceInsure is a specialist insurer in this field

Our business insurance provide tailored policies that are designed to be robust, fit for purpose and specific for care managers and social workers, no matter what field they are working in, whatever their role. Whether a local authority care manager, a residential social worker, whether working through a social care agency or directly employed, Freelance Insure has a precise and fully inclusive policy for you. These policies cover employees in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.

Our cover comes with a standard 6 years retrospective clause covering previously completed interventions, and this can be extended. We can cover legal expenses as necessary, with cover extending up to £500, 000 or more which will vary according to your premiums scheme. Your level of premiums will also be determined by the level of excess that you opt for. Our service will ensure that the policy will be fully comprehensible and transparent, with all the small print explained to you in detail.

We provide you with a claim line, and with a named advisor (should you make a claim) who will be your point of contact through until your claim is settled. All claims are settled promptly with minimal fuss.

Through Freelance Insure, our indemnity insurance packages for social workers and care managers are offered at the most competitive pricing, with the very best in customer services, from an experienced, specialist professional insurance agency.

The skills we cover under our Social Worker Insurance policies include:

  • Adult Care
  • Children & Families Drugs &
  • Alcohol Mental Health Care of Older People
  • Probation Youth Offending
  • Care Managers Occupational Therapy


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