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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

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PII cover included in new insurance product for the plastics industry

According to a report on, insurance company Travelers has introduced an insurance product designed to meet the specific range of risks faced by the plastics industry. In the view of Travelers UK general manager, the industry is now so heavily involved in all areas of technological development that insurers need to have a particular understanding of the unique risks and emerging issues.

Although cover for specialist risks will be available, the standard cover provided by this new product includes everything from property damage to product liability to professional indemnity insurance. And special discounts will be available to those businesses with ISO or other industry-recognised accreditations.

07/10/2011 Categories: PI Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Company

Manxman with Professional Indemnity Insurance expertise joins IFS

Manxman Bryan O’Connor – one of very few insurance professionals on the island to be a London Market Certificate holder – has been appointed to lead the new General Insurance Division that has been set up by Island Financial Solutions (IFS).

In this new role, which has an island-wide remit, he will be responsible for developing bespoke offerings for businesses and other organisation » read more

07/10/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Professional Indemnity Insurance premiums part of the vicious circle affecting

A tale of two cities? It must sometimes seem so to Ireland’s smaller law firms. Whilst for the few, very large, international firms, professional indemnity insurance is easily arranged and, one assumes, the premiums easily absorbed into their overheads, the picture is very different for sole practitioners and the family firms.

As reported on, the collapse of the prope » read more

05/10/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Italy introduces new rules on Professional Indemnity Insurance

Under a new Legislative Decree in Italy, professional indemnity insurance is to be made compulsory for just about everybody whose work requires them to be members of a recognised professional body. And, not only will they need to have the cover, they will also be required to inform clients of all the relevant details in a letter of engagement.

However, as reported on internationalla » read more

04/10/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by Indemnity Insurance Company
Lebanese Insurance Company signs deal with Kuwait Lawyers Association

A Zurich Financial Services Group member, Lebanese Insurance Company Ltd (LIC), has negotiated an exclusive deal with the Kuwait Lawyers Association (KLA). As reported on, LIC will now be able to offer Zurich’s professional indemnity insurance product to all of KLA’s members with the Association’s endorsement. The advantages to Zurich of this strategic partnership are obvious and the c » read more

03/10/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Flood prevention could have Professional Indemnity Insurance implications

The Statement of Principles (SoP) - an agreement between central government and the insurance industry whereby insurers commit to provide cover in return for guaranteed government investment in flood protection measures – is to come to an end in 2013 after 13 years. Not surprisingly, the decision has started a wide-ranging debate.

One approach being suggested is to encourage home an » read more

19/07/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,Indemnity Insurance by Indemnity Insurance Company
Money to transfer? Check your chosen broker has professional indemnity cover

A recent article posted in offers some sound advice on how to choose a money transfer broker. After all, there’s plenty of choice in the market.

In a list of points that includes checking the broker is authorised by the FSA and that client money is held in a designated client account, the article also recommends that you should definitely make sure the broker has rob » read more

06/05/2011 Categories: PI Insurance Cover by Professional Indemnity Insurance Brokers
Better public liability protection for BECTU’s freelance members

In an earlier blog post, we reported on the potential public liability problems that some freelance members of the entertainment technicians’ union BECTU were facing. Well, the union has now announced that it has improved the group public liability insurance offering.

The issue had centred on who was responsible for providing insurance cover for equipment in a freelancer’s ‘custody » read more

05/05/2011 Categories: PI Insurance, Public Liability Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Brokers
Irish Professional Indemnity Insurance fund faces wind down

Further news has been reported of the difficulties facing the Solicitors Mutual Defence Fund, the not-for-profit fund established in 1987 to provide solicitors in Ireland with professional indemnity insurance at the cheapest rates possible.

According to, a Special Meeting of Ireland’s Law Society has been called to consider the winding down of the Fund. Citing the Iri » read more

03/05/2011 Categories: PI Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Brokers
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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

The total insurance solution for freelancers at great prices!

Today more than ever, insurance is essential for freelance professionals. A mistake at work, an unexpected tax investigation or illness could put your livelihood at risk and destroy years of hard work.

Why gamble when our products offer high protection at low cost?  From

professional indemnity insurance

to IR35 insurance, we can help boost your business security in today's litigious world. Cover is quick and easy to arrange, backed up by outstanding customer service and underwritten by top insurers. To get a cheap quote please Click Hereor call us on 0333 3211 403.

Faster - our online service provides a fast & secure way to insure your business.  It takes just a few minutes to get a quote and download your policy documentation right here on our website.

Stronger - you get the reassurance of top quality insurance, with claims settled quickly without any disruption to your business.

Cheaper - we constantly monitor our competitor prices to ensure we offer you the best value in the market. 

As a freelancer selling your skills and knowledge you'll be well aware that

professional indemnity insurance

is probably the most important cover to consider. It not only safeguards you against the financial threat of negligence claims, but can also drive your bottom line.

How? Because most clients now expect freelancers and contractors to be sufficiently insured before awarding contracts. By having professional indemnity insurance clients are more likely to hire you over a competitor who doesn't, making it one of the best investments you can make.

We offer tailored PI insurance to over 100 trades from just £112.50 per annum. From IT contractors & engineers to management consultants & social workers our indemnity insurance provides comprehensive coverage with few exclusions. Whatever your needs, you can trust our professional indemnity insurance to keep your business & future secure.

Freelance Insure has been specially developed by passionate people who really understand the unique needs of freelance professionals. Products include; professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, personal accident & sickness insurance, IR35 tax protection insurance and health & safety insurance. All flexible, so if your contractual conditions change or you need higher levels of cover, we can offer mid-term adjustments.

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