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Professional indemnity insurance is an essential type of cover which should be in place if you offer any type of service or advice to a client. This is especially true for people who work in the manufacturing and transport industry.

If you work in the transport or manufacturing sector you are likely to be either driving, operating machinery, running, designing or installing industrial machines or offering haulage or logistics services. All of these industries can easily pose risks to your clients for which they could sue you.

Imagine a scenario where you have promised to deliver goods by a certain time and you are late due to a scheduling error. Your client could lose their contract or the goods could be spoiled or damaged. Your client would have suffered financial harm which they would be seeking to recoup from you.

You could also find yourself liable if a piece of manufacturing pant you have recommended has resulted in an injury to someone due to being the wrong type of machinery for the way it is being used. Not only could this be a financial loss, someone could have been permanently injured. If you want to avoid these types of situations simply call us on 03333 211403 for further advice.

It is times like these when your professional indemnity insurance will be invaluable. It will cover the costs of fighting your case in court – something you should do if you are sure you were not in the wrong. It will also cover the costs of any settlement such as damages or compensation owed to your client.

Having this type of insurance in place could be the difference between losing your client or coming to an amicable settlement with them. Obviously losing clients could result in the loss of your business, a terrible outcome by anyone's standards.

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