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Indemnity insurance is an important requirement for all professionals. This is because indemnity insurance guards you from a good number of risks which could arise in your place of work. For example, if your client is not too happy with the way that you have been working and files a lawsuit against you, having an indemnity insurance policy will mean that all expenses associated with the lawsuit shall be looked into by the insurance company. Freelanceinsure is a well known insurance company in the United Kingdom that provides excellent indemnity insurance policies. In order to know more about these you need to consider the following points.
Features of Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies by Freelance Insure

  • Low Cost Premium
  • Freelanceinsure provides indemnity insurance policies at a low cost premium. You do not have to pay a substantial amount of money in order to be able to afford an indemnity insurance policy offered by freelanceinsure. The premium is one that can be afforded by customers of any and every budget.
  • One Time Payment of Premium
  • The payment which you make as premium for any of the professional indemnity insurance policies offered by freelanceinsure is a one time payment. You will be prevented from being a premium every year in the order to retain the indemnity insurance policy that you have bought from freelanceinsure. Premium payment is a one time affair.
  • Significant Coverage Amount
  • The coverage amount associated with the professional indemnity insurance policies offered by freelanceinsure is very high. It is certainly high in order to cover the court fees and other expenses that will be likely to arise in the event of a lawsuit being filed against the policy holder.

Thus, the indemnity insurance policies offered by freelanceinsure are characterized by some exciting features thereby making their purchase quite frequent and popular.

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