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More local league football clubs seeking the protection of PI Insurance

As the new football season kicks off, itís a busy time for the specialist sports underwriters at Lloyds. But itís not just the major league clubs with their huge stadiums, armies of spectators and massively expensive stars that turn to their insurance companies to help manage their risks. Local league clubs have their risks to manage too.

And itís not just the players who need to be » read more

15/09/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Time for brokers to consider their own Professional Indemnity Insurance requirem

It may be the case that, thanks to the Financial Services Authority (FSA), it is now compulsory for general insurance brokers to hold professional indemnity insurance. But according to an article posted on, the majority of them are significantly underinsured.

The irony is, as the article points out, that the logic some of these brokers are applying is precisely th » read more

13/09/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Visiting America? Check your Public Liability Insurance

In an article posted on, thereís some serious advice on the scope of the travel insurance you should have if youíre visiting America. In addition to some pretty hefty cover for medical costs, the article also recommends its readers to protect themselves against unexpected legal expenses. And, on top of that, it suggests you should also have public liability insurance cover just in c » read more

12/09/2011 Categories: Public Liability Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Company
Public Liability Insurance specialist is a founding member of new Masonic lodge

Despite publicly-expressed concerns, including those of a parliamentary enquiry, about the influence that freemasonry could have on the criminal justice system, a new Masonic lodge has been established by a number of police officers from across the UK. Taking its name from the Police Federationís motto, the new ĎSine Favoreí lodge has its home in the centre of London and includes amongst its found » read more

10/09/2011 Categories: Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Grant to charity will pay for their Public Liability Insurance

A charity based in Bishopís Stortford has been given a new lease of life thanks to a grant from a county councillor. The Kickstart Trust provides local unemployed people with essential help in getting back to work. And with part of the £550 they have been offered, they will now be able to afford a new specialist software package as well as their public liability insurance. » read more

09/09/2011 Categories: Public Liability Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Australian teachers required to make Public Liability Insurance checks

Concerns are being expressed in Australia that the pupils of state schools are being denied the experience of excursions and out-of-school activities. According to a report on, the President of the WA Primary Principals Association believes that the main reasons are an overly risk-averse Education Department and a worry over legal liability on the part of teachers. It seems that » read more

08/09/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance by PI Insurance Company

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