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What happens when a Professional Indemnity Insurer denies Liability?

What happens if you sue a third party and win the case only to discover that the third party doesn’t have the funds to cover the compensation award and their professional indemnity insurers deny liability? On the face of it, you’re worse off than if you’d done nothing. But in Australia, following the judgements made in two recent court cases, there may be a potential solution.

The d » read more

26/07/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,Liability Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Are you using your Public Liability Insurance as a selling point?

It’s easy to think of business insurance in all its forms as nothing more than an unavoidable overhead. But could it have a marketing angle? Online video production company Vidify certainly seem to think so. In a recent press release in which they highlight a range of selling points, they want readers to be in no doubt that all of their “filmmakers carry public liability insurance” » read more

25/07/2011 Categories: Public Liability Insurance,PI Insurance by Indemnity Insurance and PI Insurance Company
B & B owners advised to have Public Liability Insurance

Spare room in your house? How about turning it into a B & B? A recent article on took a look at some of the advantages of opening up a new income stream and being your own boss. But the article also cautioned against rushing into it without any thought.

Apart from the fact that having to get up early to start preparing a ‘full English’ several times over might not » read more

23/07/2011 Categories: Public Liability Insurance,Indemnity Insurance by Liability Insurance and PI Insurance Company
Cost of Professional Indemnity Insurance? One Irish farmer isn’t impressed

It’s not the cost of professional indemnity insurance for his own industry that annoys one Irish farmer...

In an article originally published in Farming magazine and then posted on, the author argues that the hard work that Irish farmers put in to make efficiency savings is significantly negated by the rising fees of the vets, accountants, lawyers and banks they have » read more

22/07/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,PI Insurance by PI Insurance and Indemnity Insurance Company
Failure to specify limits of competence can cause Professional Indemnity problem

design and execute certain elements of the work. One of those elements was a car lift capable of handling two heavy vehicles.

The architect obtained a quote from a specialist sub-contractor for the supply and installation of such a lift. It appeared to meet the specifications and the client gave the architect the go-ahead to commission the sub-contractor.

Unfortunatel » read more

21/07/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity,Indemnity Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Company
Can you claim on your Professional Indemnity Insurance when you’re not actually.

It might seem like a strange question to ask. But it was at the heart of the case of Beazley Underwriting Ltd and Anor v Travelers Companies Inc. As reported on, the background to the case began with Traveler’s sale of the Minet broking group to Aon in 1997. As part of the sale, Travelers agreed to indemnify Aon against any liabilities arising from the actions of Minet up to the point » read more

20/07/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,PI Insurance by PI Insurance Company

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