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PII. Just one factor in African mining risk mix

An article on takes a close look at the whole spectrum of risks facing any investor considering mining operations in Africa. Commodity prices; currency fluctuations; political considerations (including the possibility of nationalisation). There’s a lot to think about. But in addition to that list, there’s also the issue of insurance, including professional indemnity insurance.
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16/08/2011 Categories: PI Insurance,Indemnity Insurance by Indemnity Insurance and PI Insurance Company
Will Professional Indemnity Insurance cover banks’ payouts for PPI miss-selling?

Estimates vary considerably, but some reports suggest that UK banks are facing the prospect of having to pay out at least Ł5 billion in compensation for their mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI). Will the banks’ professional indemnity insurers cover their losses?

With so much at stake, the answer to that question is by no means certain. For a start, as reported on lexo » read more

10/08/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,PI Insurance by PI Insurance Company
Caveat emptor in the post-2013 solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance mark

Come 2013, the Assigned Risks Pool (ARP) for otherwise uninsurable law firms will be consigned to history. And insurers of the potentially uninsurable will find themselves playing a last minute game of pass the parcel; under the new arrangements, the last insurer holding any particular account will be obliged to maintain run-off cover for a six year period.

So between now and then, » read more

09/08/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,Indemnity Insurance by Indemnity Insurance and PI Insurance Company
Aquarius offering PII in South Africa on Zurich paper

Zurich’s South African operation has not been performing well recently. Indeed, in the six months to June this year, it turned in an underwriting loss of R11.6m and saw its net premium income fall by 17%. However, as reported on, there are signs that things could be looking up. For a start, a streamlining exercise that resulted in a 33% reduction in administrative and other operating cost » read more

08/08/2011 Categories: PI Insurance.Professional Indemnity Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Company
Professional Indemnity Insurance to become compulsory in Ethiopian construction

In a move designed to make Ethiopia’s construction industry more accountable, the country’s Council of Ministers is keen to introduce legislation that will make it compulsory for consultants and contractors to take out professional indemnity insurance. Under the proposed regulations, the amount of cover required will depend on the cost and type of each project.

As reported on addisf » read more

05/08/2011 Categories: Professional Indemnity Insurance,PI Insurance by PI Insurance and Indemnity Insurance Company
Fortunately, circus had Public Liability Insurance to cover its final act!

Having performed for a week at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy, the Big Kids Circus from Bulgaria made one last impact as they were leaving for their next destination. On its way out, one of their lorries managed to topple a historic gatepost to one of the park’s side entrances.

According to a spokesman for Fife Council, as reported on, an expert stonemason will be requi » read more

04/08/2011 Categories: Public Liability Insurance,Indemnity Insurance by Professional Indemnity Insurance Company

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