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  • Professional Indemnity:

    Most of the time people get confused between Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, General Liability, and Product Liability. Professional Indemnity as an insurance that provides coverage to professionals, both corporate and individuals, for any negligent act, error or omission occurred during their professional activities and duties. Read Details..
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance For Freelance Contractors:

    When you are working as a freelance contractor, you must have a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover to meet your legal responsibilities and obligations. Nowadays, you may have noticed that your clients are insisting on proof of your Professional Indemnity insurance before proceeding with their contract. Read Details..
  • Indemnity Health Insurance - The indemnity plans:

    In contemporary times, health insurance can be divided into two categories that are managed care plans and traditional indemnity plan. Though both are health insurance plans yet they differ in terms of the way they are managed. Read Details..
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Terms Explained:

    Professional indemnity is a kind of insurance policy that protects your business from any financial mishap and claims that are capable of spoiling your reputation. In today’s transparent world, even the most famous companies cannot get eliminate the chances of disputes with clients. Read Details..
  • Online Professional Indemnity Cover:

    In today’s litigious society, professionals need additional insurance cover to work in a risk-free environment. A professional indemnity insurance policy provides financial protection against any undesirable claim for any kind of negligence, error or omission that may result into a heavy loss to clients.Read Details..
  • Professional indemnity insurance - Advantages and limitations:

    Professional indemnity insurance (PII) is a liability insurance and protects your business when there is claim for compensation due to any loss (financial/image damage) as a result of your professional negligence. Earlier accountants, surveyors, engineers, solicitors and architects were the major buyers of these insurance policies.Read Details..
  • Professional indemnity cover to safeguard your business needs:

    Most sensible individuals find it prudent to insure their precious assets. And when it comes to evaluating the worth of each asset he possesses, one cannot deny that his profession is the most valuable of all. Like all other assets, it makes sense to buy indemnity cover for your profession too.Read Details..
  • Professional indemnity insurance cover:

    Professional indemnity insurance protects the policyholder from claims brought against the professional w.r.t perceived or actual negligence in the delivery of duties.Read Details..
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – an overview:

    True to its name professional indemnity insurance protects a professional from a future loss that may arise due to a liability for damages.Read Details..
Professional Indemnity Insurance
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