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Profession - Analyst Programmer

IT/Computer – Analyst Programmers

IT/Computer – Analyst ProgrammersThe profession of an analyst-programmer or developer is a highly specialised job requiring unique technical skills in computer programming, object-oriented programming, software engineering and UML modelling.
What is more, they are solely responsible for the programmes they produce. With their skill in programming languages, such as Unix, shell scripting, C, C#, C++, Java, Python or .NET, the analyst-programmer who designs and analyzes programmes, develops the required algorithms and not just the code around them.

Analyst programmers are having a difficult time of it currently, with job insecurity in an unstable market. Going freelance, taking on contract work and becoming involved in a business venture (or a combination of all three) is becoming increasingly attractive.

Working for yourself will see your hourly rate likely to double from an average of £20 per hour to anything between £35 and £55 per hour. Working your own hours, from home, without commuting, are additional benefits. And there are few overheads.

However, it is a core profession for many industries, and the risk of a lawsuit as a freelancer or contractor when things go wrong is high. Protection is cheap and highly effective. We have specialist knowledge and experience in this field and can offer you the level of cover which is best for you.


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