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Programme Managers
According to The Project Management Institute (United Kingdom chapter)the essential responsibilities for a program manager, in addition to managing and coordinating teams of programmers, is: “the identification, rationalization, monitoring and control of the interdependencies between projects”.

Much has been written about the gap between strategy formulation and strategy execution. Statistics published for the last ten years of unparalleled growth in the IT sector, claim that 66% of IT strategies were never implemented and of the remaining 34% only a half were able to meeting expectations and generate the ROI promised.

Businesses are learning that any project that they undertake requires specialist management, and that this is particularly true of IT projects. Programme managers today are highly respected, and are finding themselves, when not working for themselves, in the highest echelons of many organisations.

As the IT industry grows so does the scale of the IT projects, and as integrated IT infrastructure has become the lynchpin of almost all successful companies, the responsibilities of the programme manager have also grown.

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