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IT and ICT Trainers
What is happening to ICT training in the current economic down turn? Isn’t training always amongst the first of the casualties when a business is looking to make cut backs?

That may have been true as a knee-jerk reaction, but buying technology without buying-in training has proven to be disconnected. So as long as people continue to spend money on new technology — the Ciscos  and Microsofts— then the training business must continue to grow and adapt. And businesses all over the world are turning increasingly to the emerging technologies to improve efficiency. It has meant an end to some employment (such as filing clerks), but IT and ICT training, after a period of poor opportunities, has picked up where it left off and is expanding fast.

There is now a number of organizations offering trainer registration, and as the profession develops this is proving to be useful in offering educational resources, and keeping abreast of current developments in teaching approaches and the what new technologies are being used now and in the future. Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) and International Association of Information Technology Trainers (ITrain) seem to be becoming known as the best of these.

Trainers need to continually improve and upgrade their professional credentials to remain competitive. Our policies are tailored to meet your needs – it provides protection for both you and your clients, as well as being perceived as an endorsement of the teaching you provide. It telegraphs ‘professionalism’, yet is a basic requirement for any freelance ICT trainer, and we offer our policies at the most competitive premiums in the market today.

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