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IT Analysts' Business Insurance

A typical IT Analysts full job profile, whether employed or on contract/ freelance, will read something like:

  • Determine requirements;
  • Design, install and maintain:
    • server hardware;
    • operating systems;
    • software;
    • scripted procedures;
    • computer management;
    • programming;
    • and operational support tools on business-wide computing systems;
  • Maintain security whilst enabling staff access ;
  • Maintain and monitor performance, capacity and availability of business-wide computer systems;
  • Provide technical leadership, training and consulting related to computer systems, their applications and uses;
  • Support production control and operational activities;
  • Support application development activities;
  • Manage computer system assets and software licensing;
  • Analyze, detect and correct complex technical problems and deficiencies;
  • Manage medium and large-scale information systems projects;
  • Consult with management for system needs, design, and operation;
  • Provide assistance and direction to other Information Technology personnel;
  • Maintain working knowledge of current industry information, supplier directions; new technologies and emerging technical approaches relevant to your company’s needs;
  • Plan, design and implement additions, upgrades, replacements of computers, network, database management or application systems;
  • Plan, design and implement system architectures and IT policies and procedures;
  • Participate in long-range information technology planning and budgeting for computers, system software, networks and  application systems;
  • Provide programming support for assigned departments;
  • Perform capacity planning for computer, network, database and application systems;
  • Provide technical support for IT acquisition and implementation;
  • Provide business and technical advice;
  • Recommend policies and procedures
  • Consults with clients on projects;
  • Maintain reliable back-up and recovery policies and procedures and

IT Analysts are busy people, often working on their own, making decisions that affect not only organizational systems, but also business clients.
Demand for IT analysts is set to continue to grow as computers are used for more and more business functions; the IT field is expected to swell by over 20 percent during the next decade.

However, the systems are becoming increasingly more varied and advanced as tools such as laptops, smart phones, tablets and internet-based applications continue to replace the tasks of a traditional desk-top computer.  Similarly it is becoming the IT analysts role to enable systems with different setups to communicate with each other at both the hardware and software level.

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