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System Architects
Things are looking up for IT Systems Architects.

The information technology industry is predicted to grow at least at a rate of 2.5% per year over the next ten years, yet a quarter of companies in the IT sector report they are having difficulties in attracting employees with the skills that they need.

According to the UK Government statistical service, The UK National Statistic, IT professionals represent less than 4% of the UK workforce, yet the IT industry creates 55% of the nation’s gross value added.
IT systems architectural skills is high on this list and are likely to see employment growth of more than 50% over the same period.
This may be a surprise for some who understand the profession only in terms of them producing a very limited amount of concrete objectives, have a highly intangible set of responsibilities, and has a huge number of virtually imperceptible day-to-day tasks. Those who operate in this field know that the pressure can be enormous, the breadth of required knowledge breathtaking, and the project time limit often unrealistic.

This work, although employer’s will include institutions like the NHS, Civil Service Departments, Local Authorities as well as major supermarkets and multi-national corporations, is often purely contractual only. When the project is complete and up-and-running, the Systems Architect’s work is done. In the main, they are freelance professionals, and as such are personally liable for the design and decisions that they make.
FreelanceInsure specialise in IT systems architects indemnity policies, and are familiar with their work and the problems they face.

It is a profession that is not without risks, with few accolades given on successful completion of a commissioned system, but quickly held responsible when things go wrong.

Our team of insurance experts and advisors are here to manage any concerns our clients have, and will respond quickly and skilfully whenever a claim is made.

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