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Protection fo IT Procurement Consultants

IT hardware and/or Software Procurement Consultants
IT procurement specialists have been proven invaluable in identifying the specific needs and providing solutions, adding value and efficiency to the industry cycle. Internal and external IT procurement experts have shown that they not only save time and money but are skilled in IT analysis, lowering the cost of software licenses and managing, and cost-effectively upgrading or replacing hardware.

In this age of high demand on businesses to develop rapidly but at low cost, technology procurement expertise have become an absolute necessity amongst industry decision makers from multi-national commercial businesses to start-up enterprises and everything in between. Those that can afford it employ an in-house IT procurement consultant.

They have the benefit of a powerful company behind them, often with large amounts of finance and a legal department that aids negotiation.
“A third more companies have handed their most senior IT procurement executive a seat at the top table than they did 12 months ago . . . .” so says the Jan 2013 edition of Procurement Leaders magazine.

Many more companies employ external, independent procurement consultants, who rely on their skills, contacts and, above all, their reputation to make deal and to keep themselves in business.
But as so many of us have seen in the highly competitive market of IT procurement, when things go wrong, very little mercy is shown. Lawsuits are brought and compensation is sought even years after a deal has been struck. Reputations can be lost overnight, and very successful procurement consultancies have gone out of business in the same length of time.

With proficient and robust PII cover, lawsuits become insurance claims, compensation become settlement, and our clients become legally represented. We offer specialist IT Procurement Consultant Indemnity Insurance, underwritten by experienced experts, at the most competitive premiums, that affords you peace of mind, and the ability to practice your profession with confidence.

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