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Electrical Design Engineers

Design, develop, test – is the world of the insurance underwriter really so different from that of the electrical design engineer? Probably it is. However, there is a little similarity.

We do our research thoroughly, seek out and learn from experience, formulate a precisely designed product and painstakingly test it before putting it on the market. However, we work at our desks all day, every day and work for the same employer day in day out.

We appreciate that most electrical design engineers work on a project-by-project basis, and many will be engaged through consultancy firms.

We also understand that errors can and do occur, and that when they do, we are here to provide you with immediate telephone advice, legal representation and the resources to settle any claim made against you. Our policies are transparent, professional and robust.

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We recognise professional registration with the Engineering Council, and association with other bodies. Established in 1945, Incorporated by Royal Charter in 2012, the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) is the only organisation in the UK to represent those working in the many fields of engineering design. They say their aim is to inspire, support and achieve. We feel we do the same.

So we will let you get on with electrical design, and we will get on with providing you with the best specialist indemnity policies at the most competitive price.




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