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Mechanical Design Engineers' Business Insurance

Mechanical engineers are the team player in the design of almost every consumer driven household appliance, car and computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, as well as plant equipment, spacecraft, airplanes and anything required by industry - anything that uses mechanical motion will have had a mechanical design engineer behind it.

hey are now the bright lights the in medical bio-technology field, working alongside doctors and biologists, They are now the bright lights the in medical bio-technology field, working alongside doctors and biologists, particularly in the design, manufacture and fitting of prosthetic limbs. Is there anything a mechanical design engineer does not do? The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE)is the fastest growing professional engineering institution in the UK. They see the role of the mechanical role very simply as being there “to improve the world”

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Because the successful design engineer has to always go beyond the limits of their previous project and to use emerging technologies to meet their task requirements, they make a considerable difference to the businesses they work for. This means that the need for a complete business insurance to cover themselves in case mistakes are made is essential.

FreelanceInsure offers:

  • Specific Mechanical Design Engineer Indemnity Insurance;
  • Specialist Public Liability Insurance for Mechanical Design Engineers; and
  • Dedicated Employer’s Liability Insurance for Mechanical Design Engineers.



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