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Project Managers
Engineering projects nowadays are a multi-project management environment with increasing levels of complexity. More often than not, they are taken on by multi-disciplinary teams who are responsible for the complete project life, which can span several years.

Each team member is expected to have some project management skills including strategic, financial engineering expertise and have contractual knowledge, however the stand-alone project manager role remains crucial.

Read any text or journal on engineering project management (such as the Journal of Engineering, Project and Production Management - EPPM-Journal) and you will find that ‘leadership’ is one of the most important requirements for project management, and is rated as the third most important skill on the CIO list. ‘Prudence’, however, is more often number one on the list, and made it to number one for a very good reason.

Predicting what might go wrong, knowing that something will go wrong, means that steps can be taken to reduce the risk that an error can translate into a disaster. That is exactly the business that we at FreelanceInsure are in.

We have taken time to getting to know our clients and their business, to better understand gauge the risks related to their work. We offer policies that meet their professional needs and do so proficiently, but at the lowest price for optimum cover.

We have a dedicated policy for engineering project managers and directors to give peace of mind knowing that you are effectively covered.




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