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If as a journalist, you didn't think that you needed professional indemnity insurance before the Leveson Inquiry, you should certainly be considering it now. This lengthy inquiry looked into press standards and the extent to which journalists and the media should be held accountable for their actions – particularly if they act in a way which is not exactly illegal, but suspect.

The final result of the Inquiry was a recommendation to the government that journalists and the media should be covered by a set of regulations which will prevent actions being taken such as the hacking which occurred on the News of the World. Even if regulation does not come into force, the media will certainly be reflecting on their actions and be steered by the conscience rather than other motivations.

For journalists (whether working for as a freelancer or for a company) who already act with integrity, the Leveson Inquiry outcome should be encouraging. However, no matter how much you feel your work is carefully researched and within the law, you may still find yourself at the wrong end of a compensation or damages claim.

The National Union of Journalists offers help and support should this happen to you and membership of their Union is recommended. However, you may still need to take your case to court. The types of issues which you may be affected by are claims which state that you breached confidentiality, copyright infringement, slander, libel or a loss of data. All of these could result in a case against you which PI insurance would be suitable for. For more information on this type of insurance just call us on 033330211403.

As a journalist it is important to sometimes take risks, while weighing up the pros and cons of doing so. The Leveson Inquiry has made it clear where the line should be drawn and the legal system will take care of those areas which are still grey.

If you discover that you have strayed into a grey area, your professional indemnity insurance (sometimes known as professional liability insurance) should cover you for your legal costs and any damages or compensation you may be required to pay.

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